Overcoming Fear, Olympian Mindset, High Performance Culture, Elite Sport To Executive
Image by Aaron Burden

Hi there,

I hope you’re having a good week.

It was great to share some of the lessons learned from my journey in a couple of recent interviews:

  1. Toby Jenkins OLY on overcoming his fears for the Olympic Water Polo team to finding his voice as a leadership consultant (2nd Wind Podcast – Ryan Gonsalvez)
  2. Unleashing The Olympian Mindset: Toby Jenkins on Leadership and Success (REDD Business and Technology Podcast – Nigel Heyn and Jackson Barnes)
  3. Champion Mindset: Lessons on the Synergy between Elite Sport and Executive Coaching (Medoo Coaching App Panel – Paulwyn Devasundaram and Allard van Helbergen)

Thanks to these hosts for having me involved. I love talking through these topics!

Would you like me to be on your podcast, panel or stage? Let’s have a chat.

All the best,


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