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Tool Cover  Reflections
5 Reflection Frameworks

We don’t learn from experience, we learn from reflection on experience.” – John Dewey

Read more about how I have used it to distil lessons after resigning from my own business.

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Tool Cover Choice Point
Choice Point Worksheet

Adapted from the Choice Point model developed by Ciarrochi, Bailey, and Harris, 2013, this is my go to tool for helping create lasting behaviour change and planning for performance moments.

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Tool Cover Valued Living
Valued Living Questionnaire

This is the tool I use when I need to bring fast clarity to a generalised sense of frustration or when I’m feeling “stuck”. This is an adaptation of Kelly Wilson’s work.

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Tool Cover Momentum Activity
Momentum Activity

Unpack the science of psychological flexibility. By answering the questions, you’ll be quickly able to find direction and create a personalised practice that can help you manage stress, navigate transitions and deliver in performance moments.

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Ideal Job Description Template Toby Jenkins
Ideal Job Description Template

And a common answer to career change seems to be: Polish your resume. But there’s a step that needs to come before.

That’s writing your own Ideal Job Description. Use this activity to get clarity and unpack your internal criteria set for what might come next.

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Momentum Course

This course is all about getting you from stuck to started. Fast. It’s the opening chapter of my Reinvention Playbook and it’s included in your subscription.

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The Monday 3 is my free weekly newsletter. Each issue is sent to thousands of people around the world with quotes, insights and actions I've found useful. Plus you'll get my favourite decision making tools, articles, exclusive event invites and more. Enter your email and sign up for free right now.