I am often asked to speak at companies, conferences, or private events around the world.

Previous clients include Google, Rio Tinto, EY, CBRE, BDO, Deloitte, Queensland University of Technology, Partners Group, Australian Men’s Water Polo Team,, West Moreton Health, Zuellig Pharma, Brisbane Grammar School, McCullough Robertson Lawyers and many more.

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The Challenge

Juggling competing demands of work, family, relationships, health and more can be intense for leaders and their teams and communities.

Add in economic, political, social and org changes, a new role, difficult conversation or simply life’s curveballs and the reality can be tough. 

If managed poorly, people can experience the full spectrum of costs on results, health, energy, relationships, reputations, finances, workplaces and the community. 

But what if there was a way to build adaptability and align wellbeing, leadership and performance rather than seeing them as trade offs?

Momentum: How To Improve Wellbeing, Leadership And Performance Through Psychological Flexibility.

A talk on the power of psychological flexibility by keynote speaker Toby Jenkins.

In 2022, I was asked to run a workshop at Google in Sydney, Australia. My talk was about the surprising power of the science of Psychological Flexibility. This presentation is filled with practical suggestions on how to build psychological flexibility and align wellbeing, leadership and performance.

It is one of my most popular keynote speech and workshop topics.

You can download the workshop overview (inc testimonials and other details) at this link >>

Keynote Speaker on Wellbeing, Leadership and Performance

As a keynote speaker and workshop presenter, my goal is to share cutting edge, evidence-based ideas in the most inspiring and engaging way possible.

I draw from the science of Psychological Flexibility and my lived experience as an Olympian and in business to help my audiences improve their wellbeing, leadership and performance.

I aim for high interactivity and extreme practicality.

My audiences leave with immediately actionable strategies to manage stress, navigate change, perform when it matters and still be the person they want to be in the process.

Key Takeaways
  1. Education of the science of psychological flexibility
  2. Self-awareness through reflection and activities
  3. personalised, evidence-based toolkit to enable ongoing practice
  4. Peer-to-peer networking, support and relationship development through group activities and safe sharing
  5. Access to relevant digital tools and resources
How It Works


  • 1 hr, 2hr, half day and full day formats available


  • In some contexts, a handful of short interviews with a select group of participants can help to tailor content and key messages.


  • Space (or virtual)
  • Flipchart or whiteboard
  • Participants will need their phones and a pen each


  • The price of an engagement depends on scope and context. It ranges from free to corporate rates. Please enquire below to find out more.
"I've had the fortune of being exposed to various leadership coaches. I found Toby's messaging to be incredibly powerful and differentiated in recognising the nature of the human struggle, how to accept it, and work with not against it. His teachings have stuck with me and I've found myself repeatedly returning to his guidance as I move forward as a leader of a team, and of a family."
Zoe Hayes
Head of Consumer Apps & Sport Partnerships
B2C Marketing , AUNZ at Google
The session was hugely beneficial for our executive team as we navigate uncertain times and a series of new challenges/obstacles related to the current high inflation/interest rate environment.

Your ability to capture the imagination of the team in a short period of time was exceptional and it certainly left everyone asking, ‘when is the next session’.

Of particular benefit was your raw approach to the concept of negative thoughts, which we all experience and the fact these thoughts are natural and we all have them countless times per day.

We found your content relatable, easy to follow and engaging.

I hope we can have many more of these workshops in the coming years.
Chris Butters
Chris Butters
Managing Director – Brisbane & State Director – QLD
CBRE | Advisory & Transactions | Investor Leasing
Audience feedback
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