Mindset Reinvention

I’ve been thinking more about my online workshop tomorrow at 2:30pm (free rego here).

I titled it Momentum. But I may have made a mistake.

Certainly a sense of momentum is one of the possible outcomes. To either find some momentum if you’re feeling stuck or maintain it and build it if you already have it.

But the heart of the workshop is to reinvent what we know about mindset.

I used to believe mindset was all about positive thinking, about setting goals and chasing them, about visualising success.

But the science of psychological flexibility – of what repeatably works to better manage stress and pressure – flies in the face of that.

It’s not about positive thinking. It’s about positive action that moves us towards what truly matters.

It’s not about building people into brick walls of stronger, tougher, harder. Brick walls break when hit hard enough.

It’s about building trampolines that can absorb the hits and bounce back.

And it’s not about reducing stress and pressure, it’s about changing our relationship to it. To know in advance that it will be a part of everything we do and then train and practice for it.

I’ve had to completely reinvent how I think about mindset.

And I want to share the insights and exactly how the science can work for you tomorrow if you’d like to come and join me.

You can expect to take away:

  1. An understanding of the science of psychological flexibility as it applies to wellbeing, leadership and performance.
  2. Increased self awareness through private reflection activities
  3. A personalised toolkit of practices you can immediately implement to develop your own

This is what I share with my clients that have included Olympic medallists, SAS soldiers, global executives, start up founders, investors, non profit leaders and more.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, I’d love you to join me tomorrow at 2:30pm to begin the process of reinventing mindset for yourself.

Free registration here >>

All the best,


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