[Live Online] How You Can Develop Psychological Flexibility
Image by Omid Armin

Thanks for your comments and questions on my previous articles on adaptability and the myth of tradeoffs.

As I said in those articles, there is a huge opportunity to develop psychological flexibility in our leaders, teams, organisations and communities to manage wellbeing, lead and perform better in situations of stress, pressure and discomfort – regardless of the context.

I’ve loved learning and teaching about it in all sorts of settings – business, non profit, tech, military, sport. My clients and I have used it to perform at work, rebuild health, to improve parenting and relationships and more.

That’s why it’s the starting point for me in every one of my coaching and speaking engagements.

My calling

For the last 2 years I’ve run workshops with teams around the world about this.

In these settings, we’ve explored the science of psychological flexibility in order to develop personalised practices to help people navigate difficult market conditions, internal change, develop strategy or support wellbeing and leadership in many contexts.

So often the feedback I receive is the acknowledgement that tough thoughts, feelings and sensations are completely normal. (Detailed testimonials available on my speaking page from Google and CBRE.)

When I hear this, I feel a sense of relief because it’s not my personal genius of presenting or some special framework of content. (Although I work hard at those things too!)

It’s because of the science.

And the science doesn’t say we have to think positively and feel good all the time. In fact, trying to do so becomes a distraction and sucks huge amounts of our time, attention and resources.

Instead, the science says the key differentiator is our ability to work with the tough stuff. And then, while working with it, still behave in ways that move us towards our sense of purpose, values, goals, aspirations and the people and communities that matter most.

So I’m really excited to bring this to life in a public online workshop this coming Thursday.

I’m going to teach you about Psychological Flexibility and then show you exactly how to personalise the science so that you will leave the session with a custom toolkit that you can apply immediately to improve your wellbeing, leadership and performance.

If you’d like to come and see exactly how I do that and what I teach in 1:1 and group settings, this is your chance.

It’s free to register, so please book your spot for Thursday 2:30pm >>

I really look forward to seeing you online.

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