Byron Bay | Mindset + Breathwork Fundraiser, 7 Oct

I’ve had many, many great times in Byron Bay – music festivals, holidays, surfing, hanging out with friends, walking the lighthouse path.

Over the years, like everywhere, the town has grown and changed. There have been lots of great things to come of those changes, but also some downsides.

One of those issues is the rising numbers of people experiencing homelessness.

So I’m really excited to announce that I’m going to be a part of fundraising workshop focussed on mindset and breathwork on the 7th of October (11am – 3pm) in Byronall the details here.

It’s a collaboration with breathwork coach Joey Hurl and health and wellness club Social Remedy in Byron. We’re going to raise money for community funded program Fletcher St Cottage to support those in need with basics like meals, showers and laundry.

To register for the event, there’s a minimum donation of $30. All of that will go to the Fletcher St Cottage.

It’s a small way to give back to this community that has brought so much joy for me and my family.

All the event details below and at this link >>

Momentum – Mindset + Breathwork Workshop

How To Improve Wellbeing, Leadership And Performance Through Psychological Flexibility + Breathwork

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A unique collaboration between Olympian + Executive Coach, Toby Jenkins, and Breathwork + Movement Coach, Joey Hurl.

All proceeds to be donated to Fletcher Street Cottage Homeless People Charity.

This 4-hour workshop combines ancient breathwork practices, with the cutting edge science of Psychological Flexibility to enable you to:

  • Manage stress and pressure
  • Navigate change
  • Perform when it matters
  • Release anything standing in your way
  • And still be the person they want to be in the process. Ultimately, it’s about bringing out your best.

Key takeaways

  • Learn how to harness the power of your breath to create transformation mentally, physically and emotionally.
  • Understand the science behind breathwork and powerful techniques to upgrade your health + your life.
  • Education of the science of psychological flexibility
  • Self-awareness through reflection and activities
  • A personalised, evidence-based toolkit to enable ongoing practice
  • Peer-to-peer networking, support and relationship development through group activities and safe sharing
  • Access to digital tools and resources


  • Introduction from Toby + Joey
  • Harnessing the power of your breath (the science + powerful techniques) with Joey
  • Momentum interactive workshop (incl. the science + practice of Psychological Flexibility plus exploring values, visions, purpose and mindfulness) with Toby
  • Transformational Breathwork (incorporating the themes and intentions from the workshop) with Joey

Who is it for?

It’s worked for Olympians, executives, elite military, leaders, founders and more.

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About Fletcher Street Cottage – Where your donations are going

In the face of the ongoing housing crisis, and responding to the growing need for services supporting people at risk of homelessness and those already sleeping rough, Byron Community Centre operates Fletcher Street Cottage as a homeless hub, located in the centre of Byron Bay.

Help us provide a healthy breakfast and a hot shower for those who have none. Support our homeless hub and make a difference in someone’s life today. Your support will help us give the most vulnerable members of our community a safe place to connect, a nourishing meal, and access to critical services they need to get back on their feet. Give the gift of hope and help us provide a lifeline for those experiencing homelessness.

Byron Shire has the largest cohort of people sleeping rough in NSW, higher than the City of Sydney. – NSW Government Street Count 2023

  • 980 visits per month on average – 82% increase from 2022
  • Between 30 – 80 service users per day
  • 30 new visitors per month (on average)

About Toby Jenkins

Toby is an executive coach, Olympian and award winning entrepreneur and author. His purpose is to change the world’s relationship with suffering. He’s worked with Olympic medalists, investors, elite military, founders, boards, CEOs and leaders.

From leadership to wellbeing, Toby loves helping leaders and their teams perform in situations of pressure and stress. Toby has spoken to thousands of people in live and broadcast audiences around the world at organisations such as Ernst & Young, Google, Rio Tinto and the Australian Institute of Sport.

About Joey Hurl

Breathwork Facilitator, Movement Guide and Founder of Mana Kai

Joey is a breathwork, yoga + meditation teacher, and founder of Joga Wellness and transformational practice, Mana Kai.

Joga Wellness is an all-inclusive wellness community created to nurture inspiration, motivation and transformation from the force of energy already existing inside you. Each workshop and class flows purposefully, creating a safe and intentional space to release layers of the past and limiting beliefs while continually illuminating the essence of your most authentic self.

“I’m deeply passionate about what I do because I have experienced the real change these powerful practices can create. It’s my mission to help you grow physically, mentally and emotionally in every class, coaching session, workshop and retreat. My moto in life is to “find the joy in every moment” and I’m here to help you do the same!”

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