Wanting a change in 2023? [Hiring an EA]

I’m looking for the perfect EA.

This person will be my right hand for all things organisation to help me translate my ambitions for 2023 into reality. They’ll be working across my diary, events, client experience, partnerships, finance, product development and content.

You would start with a paid one-month trial, probably around 10 hours per week. If all goes well, there could be potential to expand significantly from there. 

Competitive pay and tons of interesting opportunities.

Here’s more on me, if needed.

Job Description

To help me focus exclusively on content creation and experience delivery, I need someone who’s a ninja at handling quite a bit.

The EA’s responsibilities would include, but not be limited to, the following:

      • Spearheading my calendar for 1:1 coaching, speaking engagements, live events, articles, email newsletter, etc. for the next 6-12 months. I’m juggling too much right now and don’t want important things to slip through the cracks.
        • Helping create exceptional customer experiences through quick response times and proactive, thoughtful comms.
        • Helping prep and organise documents and slide decks for proposals, workshop materials, downloads etc.
        • Helping plan and manage outsourced partners in projects such as design, content publishing/promotion, research and live events.
        • Helping with travel, meeting and booking arrangements.


          • You’d be working behind the curtains on high-energy projects with a global footprint. You’ll see all of my projects first, and play a critical role in their creation and launch.
          • I will ask your advice and look to you for original ideas. Wherever possible we’ll adopt best in class frameworks, systems and processes and adapt them to suit our purposes rather than creating from scratch. Ideally you’ll bring a bunch of best practices with you and train me in them.
          • I might send you ice bath vouchers, there may be strange assignments, and you get to work with a deeply caring, purpose driven, somewhat odd, explorer type. That’s me.

        Job requirements

        Please note that most of the below are “must have,” not “nice to have.”

        First and foremost, you need to understand and love my purpose: to help people bring all of who they are to everything they do. 

        The aim of my business is to take the best of cutting edge science and millenia old traditions and then distil them to build hyper-practical toolkits that people can use to make progress as quickly as possible.

        Alignment with the above purpose is the most important, but you should also:

            1. Have at least 2-4 years of EA experience;
            2. Be exceptionally well organised;
            3. Have successfully managed and coordinated calendars, travel and events (ideally including international) for other Founder/Entrepreneur/CEO/Partner types;
            4. Ideal: Comfortable with tech: WordPress or other website CMS, Mailchimp, LinkedIn, Notion, Google Workspace (Gmail, Calendar, Slides etc);
            5. Ideal but not required: Live in or near Brisbane.  Remote is also possible.

          I’m really looking for someone with relevant experience. I need people that check most of the above boxes. I’m hiring a pro, not looking to mentor someone from ground zero.

          Still interested in next steps?


          Just to re-emphasize: I really need someone with experience. If you do check most boxes, I’d LOVE to hear from you. I’m really looking forward to 2023!

          Please click here to tell me about yourself >>  

          Any questions?  Please let me know in the comments, I’ll keep an eye out.

          If you know a friend who might fit the bill, please forward this on.

          Thank you for reading this far, and have an awesome 2023!

          All the best,


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