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I help people reinvent

Hi, I’m Toby.
I’m an Olympian and executive coach.

I help top performers facing major shifts to reinvent for what comes next.

An evidence based performance toolkit to manage stress, navigate transition and deliver in performance moments.
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Backed by decades of science, my performance toolkit will help you manage stress, navigate transitions and deliver in performance moments - all while being the person you want to be in the process. You’ll also receive my articles and first invitations to special events and programs.
Work with me
Executive Coaching
Some challenges and opportunities require reinvention. To reinvent, you’ll need 5 things:
  1. Assessment
    Understand your current needs and learn how to take targeted action immediately.
  2. Plan
    Uncover your why, clarify direction, explore opportunities, and plan your next steps.
  3. System and Structure
    Embed new habits into your daily routine to support your desired outcomes.
  4. Toolkit
    Equip yourself with evidence based strategies to manage stress and pressure during the change.
  5. Accountability and Support
    Get personalised guidance and support to stay focussed, course-correct as needed and keep you moving forward.
I deliver tailored keynotes and workshops to teams and organisations, focusing on applying the science of Psychological Flexibility to improve wellbeing, leadership and performance.
I provide expert advice on designing high-performance programs and cultures.
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