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“2 Chairs” decision making

Tweet The first time I used the 2 chairs game as a decision making technique was when I was invited to go to the Australian Institute of Sport on scholarship for a year straight after finishing high school. Frankly I … Continue reading

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Using Death as a Compass

Tweet “But time, is on your side, it’s on your side, now” Cold Play Sadly Coldplay were lying. It’s never on our side. When I think about flying, it’s essentially a tin can thousands of meters above the earth travelling … Continue reading

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Why do we exist as a business?

Tweet It’s an existential question I asked myself after reading Ben Horowitz’s blog post: Lead bullets. Fortunately I was reading Ron Baker’s book Implementing Value Pricing at the time. Ron proposes a simple, yet extremely demanding, 2 part answer: The … Continue reading

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Not Choosing Is A Choice Too

Tweet I read once that your gut feeling is the sum total of everything – everything you know, everything you’ve ever been taught and everything you’ve ever experienced – boiled down to a yes/no, right/wrong choice and impetus to act. … Continue reading

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Reinventing Education (More Opposite Thinking)

Tweet Consider your schooling for a minute. What if you had lectures for home work and exercises for class time? What if you could have spent more one on one time with your teacher to help you really grasp the … Continue reading

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Opposite thinking

Tweet Look hard at how your industry works now. Then see what might happen if you do the opposite. If you were looking at the web design industry, the exercise might start [and I mean start – you could definitely … Continue reading

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How to solve any problem in 20 mins – The Value of Extreme Questioning

Tweet Quick Background: I learned about the Extreme Questioning process from Liz Wiseman (author of Multipliers) at her one day workshop at the Growth Summit. Obviously I’m a big fan – this is my 3rd blog post on this book! Here’s no.1 … Continue reading

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How to Discover “Native Genius” – Taking action on Multipliers

Tweet This is a follow up on my previous blog post, the 4 Key leadership learnings from Multipliers. On Monday this week, Adam organised a “Native Genius” session for one of our Bluewire Media monthly meetings. It was a cracker! … Continue reading

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